Keep Watch, Be Ready

End Time Solution Partners

Members:  If you are part of a Timekeeping, Food Service, or Housekeeping End Time Solution, email us to request a partnership so we can link your site here so that Christian churches, ministries, and organizations worldwide are aware of End Time Solutions.

(End Time Solutions does not necessarily endorse ALL views stated by others)

  • End Time Solutions, founded by Christian Counselor/End Time Adviser, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, is the Doorkeeper of the harvest (the end time), also known as "Harvest Voice". The primary role of End Time Solutions is to partner with those who keep watch at the door for the thief (the Anti-Christ) and warn members of our household when they will need to take flight (when the anti-Christ steps in to the holy place, and Jerusalem is being surrounded by armies) (Mt. 24:15, Luke 21: 20-21).

  • Our Food Service division, Heavenly Skyways, is an international, interdenominational ministry/airline that operates similar to the underground railroad by wise and faithful servants of God. Our mission is to feed and take care of God's great tribulation servants by flying them on two wings of a great eagle to places prepared for them in the mountains and deserts- out of the serpent's reach. For information about managing an independent airport in your region, contact us for more information at 707-393-7661.

  • Timekeepers are those who are knowledgeable of the signs of the end of the age and of the coming of Christ and use their spiritual gifts to keep us educated about, and ready for them.

  • Housekeepers are those who use their spiritual gifts to strengthen end time believers by encouraging them to stand firm in their faith, watch out for false prophets and deceivers, cast out all worry and fear, and pray for God's mercy and grace during these last days.