Keep Watch, Be Ready


The bible mentions that in Christ, we, who are many, form one body, each member belonging to all the others, and that we have different gifts according to the grace given us (Romans 12: 5-6).   In order for us, the Doorkeeper of End Time Solutions, to know the end time solution assignment that is best suited for you, it is imperative that we know your spiritual gift(s).  (Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift- 1 Peter 4:10,  and no Christian has all spiritual gifts- 1 Corinthians 12:28-30).  Some of the gifts mentioned throughout the bible are as follows:

  • prophesying
  • serving
  • encouraging
  • giving
  • leadership
  • mercy
  • administration
  • pastoral
  • apostolic
  • evangelism
  • distinguishing spirits
  • speaking in and interpreting tongues
  • miracles
  • teaching
  • wisdom
Once you know your spiritual gift(s), you will be better  prepared to serve the kingdom of God with your end time Timekeeping, Food Service, and/or Housekeeping duties.
After taking your spiritual gift(s) test, print it out and notate your top three gifts in order to get your assignment.

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