Keep Watch, Be Ready

Top Secret, by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, places scriptures in order to reveal God's profound, prophetic, and parabolic message for Christians to keep watch and be ready for the disastrous times ahead leading to the second coming of Christ- earthquakes, hurricanes, pestilences, famine, wars and rumors of war, the arrival on the scene of the anti-Christ, and the command for those who are in the household of faith to flee to the mountains for safety.
They say if you want to hide something, put it in a book

Although many prophets and righteous men have longed to see the dreams and visions that Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence has seen and heard, the Sovereign Lord, who does nothing without revealing His plan to His prophets, chose to open His mouth to utter things hidden since the creation of the world, to her- His wise and faithful servant- for such a time as this.  In this timely and treasured book, Lawrence, Christian counselor, author, playwright, ordained minister, and end times adviser, lays the foundation for her profound, prophetic, and parabolic top secret ministry, Heavenly Skyways, The Underground Airline for end time believers, which parallels the Underground Railroad of yesteryear.  Commonly referred to as “The End Time Survival Guide”, unlike most books concerning bible prophecy and the end times, the focus of Top Secret does not rest on the hopelessness of impending peril, but on the need for God’s servants to make preparations to fulfill His divine, life sustaining solution. Prophesied as "The Voice of the Harvest" (which is the end of the age), Jacqueline feeds God’s sheep His Top Secret physical assignment of building up the highway for a journey of no return in hopes that all who have ears to hear its message, would not only be hearers, but doers of that which they have heard.

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The End Times:  In The Words of Jesus


Jesus Christ's words are terrifying, yet filled with hope. But what did Jesus say and mean about the final days before His triumphant return? What events will foreshadow the end of human history as we know it?

Providing insights and expertise are: Tim LaHaye, Dr.Edward Hindson, and Dr. Thomas Ice. As we face an uncertain future in world events, this powerful program is more relevant now than ever before.


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The Movie, The Road

The Road's commitment to Cormac McCarthy's dark vision may prove too unyielding for some, but the film benefits from hauntingly powerful performances from Viggo Mortensen and Kodi McPhee.


  Prophetic visualizations have not only clearly revealed the essence of this movie to Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, Founder of End Time Solutions, but also ignited her vision for "Heavenly Skyways" (www.heavenlyskyways.com)- a division of End Time Solutions.  During the future time in history depicted in this film, things are more devastating than the world has ever known, and will ever know again.  There will be massive and worldwide famine/starvation, plagues, earthquakes, hurricanes, hatred, persecution of Christians, and of course, the anti-Christ's mandate for all people to either take the mark of the beast, be imprisoned, starved to death, and/or killed.  Satan is definitely excited about his temporary reign on this earth, and is eagerly forming and gathering together his army to make preparations for the things to come.  Christians, too, must unite to make both physical and spiritual preparations for servants of God during these perilous times.


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